Is your Child Prepared?

23 Dec Is your Child Prepared?

Preparing your child for daycare can be hard, and since we’re about to start a new semester here at Little Newton’s in Champlin, we want you to understand how you can help to make your child’s first day the best day possible! It’s not a surprise that many children, no matter what age, will be a little fearful of their first day at Little Newton’s daycare in Champlin, but we’re here to help!

  • Before their first day at daycare, make sure you prepare them. Go over the schedule with them. It’s important to be as detailed as possible when describing to them what their day will go like.
  • Be sure to introduce them to a new routine. An easier way to introduce them to a new routine is to give your entire family a few days, maybe even a week to adjust to any new sleep schedules. Have your child wake up as they will a few days later for daycare, and have them go to bed as they will once they start daycare in Champlin.
  • It’s also never a bad idea to visit us prior to your son or daughter’s first day with us! We’d be happy to meet your little one and show them where they’ll be learning, playing and spending most of their days. Not only that, but when you come in for a tour of the facility, your kiddo will get to learn who will be taking care of them throughout the days they’re here. Trusting the caregiver is always something that your child will have to develop on their own, but starting early does help!
  • Take your child shopping! Wearing a new outfit on the first day of school, even if it is just daycare, will give them the confidence that they need to feel great about going on this new adventure by themselves. Buy them a big girl or big boy backpack too!
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