Language Development

20 May Language Development

One of Little Newtons’ focus of education is the basis of language acquisition.  When designed to teach five languages; Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin and American Sign Language (lets not forget English too), it was with the understanding that children age 0-5 are recommended to have fast, quick, new language exposed to them.  In fact, some research suggests that children need to hear 30,000 words a day. The study found that children who heard at least 33 million words, which is 30,000 words a day from birth the age of 3 tend to have higher IQs at the age of 10 than those who hear fewer words.

People say “why five languages?” why not focus on a second one?  The reasoning behind it is to optimize the brain development of 0-5 to ensure they are expanding and developing their brains at the time it is most crucial. The brain produces more than a million connections each second during the years of 0-3.  By age 5, the brain’s development is almost 90 percent completed. Children’s brains exposed to many languages, math concepts, art, science, etc at such a young age rapidly make the connections.


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