New Curriculum

28 Jul New Curriculum

It is so exciting to continue to perfect the curriculum and we are so often challenged by the children’s ability to learn and desire more.  Children, ages 0-5, have an incredible opportunity to set themselves up for life long learning and success.  Little Newtons believes that children can learn anything if we set them up right.  But it is also important to nurture their inner self, their confidence, love them, and respect them.  The new curriculum will be released on Sept 5th for both Toddler and Preschoolers.  This curriculum will still include our FIVE languages, and still be historic in nature, but will have more in depth training on handwriting, emotions, self esteem, Presidents, Chemical Elements, Time Telling, Reading, etc.  We are also studying the different cries of infants and what each of them mean to better attend to the needs.  It’s a very exciting time for Little Newtons!!

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