Licensed Child Care Maple Grove

Welcome to Little Newtons Maple Grove! We teach Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Math, Reading, Science, Yoga and a Special Subject (can be anything from the States to the Presidents). Children have a very fun, busy day! Sarahis the Director of Little Newtons Maple Grove and her email is

Infants: $325/week

Toddlers: $270/week

Preschool: $241/week

Our rates are for Full time Enrollment (we do not offer part time rates)


**We are currently not enrolling infants at our Maple Grove location due to the center being full.

Little Newton is the leading and licensed child care center in Maple Grove, where we are dedicated to offer the best early childhood education. With this mission in mind, we have designed our Preschool Program in multilingual languages, so that children may have a high vocabulary growth and understanding of their surrounding and social responsibilities with ease. Here, in Maple Grove MN infants, toddlers, and preschool kids are highly welcome to discover and explore.

Although we have Day Care centers in five prime locations of the area, none other matches with Licensed Child Care Maple Grove. As each location is unique but goal is same, where we want to create a caring setting where curiosity flourishes. We are located at Vicksburg and Bass Lake Road, where parents experience no trouble in reaching us. Through sustainable practice, enrichment experiences and exciting educational activities, our experienced staff help children in their early stage of learning. We strive to prepare them for the futuristic adventures both inside and outside of the classroom. Get your child enroll today and experience what success they will accomplish.

Maple Grove Location

6900 West Fish Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN 55311