Parent Handbook

Below you will find all the information you need including an itinerary for our child care, daycare, and preschool program. To become familiar with our policies, keep reading:


Mission Statement: Little Newtons’ mission is to change early childhood education and provide the highest standard of learning. We’ve created a positive environment that fosters the development and enjoyment of learning, along with first-class childcare. We welcome you to visit anytime of the day during our hours of operation.

Teaching Philosophy

Little Newtons’ philosophy is based on a mixture of teaching methods.  We have developed a program that encompasses a great breadth of knowledge, excitement, and adventures.  LN believes that in a child’s life, ages zero to five are imperative to their educational journey.  We are dedicated to providing the most exceptional environment for children to reach such goals and exceed their potential.   All our little ones are under the age of six.  The first six years are the most important ones in a child’s life.  This is why we are so serious about development and learning.  Our programs are designed in order to develop each child’s five senses to their fullest potential.  Each child learns at his/her own pace.  Our programs and lessons help them to develop their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills.  Many activities and fun play experiences are provided during each day to the specific age groups that helps them get ready for the next level.   Our teachers all meet the qualifications set by Minnesota State Laws.  They each go through a full orientation and developmental and educational skills needed by children.


LN is licensed by the State of Minnesota, through the Department of Human Services, and therefore, complies with the childcare regulations present in the Statute 9503 and Rule 3 guidelines.  If parents wish to contact the Department of Human Services, the phone number is 651-431-6500. We are licensed for 114 children; Infants:26 , Toddlers:44, Preschool; 44 at our Champlin location. Maple Grove is Licensed for 116: Infants: 18, Toddlers: 31, Preschool: 69. Plymouth is licensed for 428 children: Infants; 80, Toddlers: 90, and Preschool 265. Our program plan is also available for parents to view at any time. LN will receive consent in the event of each occasion of research, experimental procedure, or public relations activity involving a child. Fair


LN admits students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the Center. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, religion, age, disability, national and ethnic origin, or source of payment in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and other center administered programs.

Age Groups

Children are grouped by the following categories:

  • Infants: six weeks to 16 months (with a minimum ratio of 1:4)
  • Toddlers: 16 months to 33 months (with a minimum ratio of 1:7)
  • Pre-K: 33 months to 5 years. (with a minimum ratio of 1:10)
  • Kindergarten: 5 years+ All children are supervised at all times.

Our infant’s enrollment plan starts at six weeks old, not before. We have two infant rooms in Plymouth and Champlin: Younger and Older. Since learning begins at birth, we carry our care and attention to each one of them individually all through the week on a daily basis.  Our program for infants, besides eating and sleeping, is completed with games, singing, talking and identifying different forms of objects such as toys, books, etc.  Until your baby is ready for regular table food, we will follow your own diet plan; a form will be provided to you to fill out. We will need a physical examination and current immunizations before enrollment for us to review and keep on file (such documents are required by DHS and we have to keep them up to date).   What you need to provide: Formula (if you don’t choose to use our formula) or breast milk for your baby in your own bottles (all has to be labeled with your child’s name and dated). Special meals/baby food: all containers have to be labeled with your child’s name and dated.  All left over will be discarded at the end of the day. Two complete sets of clothes to be left at the center


We have several toddler rooms–younger and older. The age range for either groups are dependent on the child’s needs first and foremost.  The personal care, needs, and attention are our focus for each and every child.  There is plenty of playtime and different fun things to learn, watch, touch and do for every child every day. Our teachers, during this period, help the children develop new skills such as potty training, language and self help as well as small and large muscle group development activities.  LN feels that children should be challenged to avoid repetition and boredom.  We will need a physical examination and current immunizations before enrollment for us to review and keep on file (such documents are required by DHS and we have to keep them up to date).


Preschoolers are eager to learn and they love it.  This is all used to their advantage from ages 33 months to five (5) years old to prepare them for kindergarten.  Extended reading, basic math, science, and art concepts emphasize the program during this period. A child’s rate will decrease to the preschool rate when they are fully potty trained. Children typically transition to our young preschool room without being potty trained and will still be charged our toddler rate, until potty training is completed. The children are each given a chance to develop some new skills such as social cooperation, problem solving, discipline and respect, as well as develop a positive self-esteem. We will need a physical examination and current immunizations before enrollment for us to review and keep on file (such documents are required by DHS and we have to keep them up to date).

Days and Hours of Operation

LN is open Monday – Friday with hours varying based on location:

  • Plymouth :00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Champlin 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Maple Grove 6:30 am to 6:00 pm

The center will be closed for the following legal holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving day and the Friday after
  • Christmas Eve and Day
  • New Years Eve and Day

*If a holiday falls on a weekend, we will be closed the business day closest the holiday.

Tuition and Fees

Method of Payment: LN provides an automatic tuition payment. We no longer accept personal checks or cash.

Late Payments: If a family has more than a two week balance on their account, services will be suspended until the balance is paid in full. The late payment charge is $10.00/per day following Monday at 6:00 pm.

Late Pick Up Fee: A late fee of $35.00 plus 1.00 a minute will be applied if your child is picked up after 6:00 pm. It will be added to the following weeks tuition.

NSF Payment: The center will charge a $25.00 fee for any payment that is returned NSF. By consideration of the center, enrollment may be ended if frequent NSF payments are presented.

Vacation Policy

LN provides families with one free week per 12 months.

It will fall on your enrollment anniversary. Each family’s tuition will be held on the date they started at LN. We cannot accommodate any other weeks of free tuition.

Multiple Child Discount: LN provides a 10% discount for the younger sibling.

Sick Days: In order to maintain the high quality of teachers and educational services provided to children at the center, we must maintain our daily costs.  Full tuition will be charged even if your child does not attend every week day, a week being defined as Monday through Friday.

Termination of Care

A two-week written notice must be given to the Center Director when parents wish to terminate care.  Our center also reserves the right to cancel a contract if it is for the interest of the child/center. You still must pay two weeks of childcare fees no matter what your reason is or if your child(ren) attends or not.  We may also require you to pay the full two-week tuition the same day your notice is turned in.  Failure to do so will result in the assessment of a fee equal to two weeks’ tuition.  The child’s family will pay any legal fees incurred by LN while enforcing this contract.

Potty Training

It can be very difficult to train children to use the bathroom.  We only start when the time is right and when you are ready. It takes teamwork between parents and teachers to accomplish this mission so we recommend that you follow through with the schedule that you provide us when your child is ready.  Potty training at LN is very frequent and is catered to each child’s needs.  Diapers are still used during the rest period at the beginning of training.  We will not be using the toilet until you say so.  The child will also need two sets of clothing during this time.

Field Trips & Playtime

LN does not take field trips outside of our center, although we bring in special guests each month to give children exciting opportunities.    

Playground: Playtime is very important to each child.  Many new things are learned every day by children just by playing, and they do plenty of that inside.  They also need an outdoor play area to breathe fresh air, to jump and run, and enjoy the seasons.  Our playground area is located right in our backyard. Despite all of the large muscle equipment, children can also run, roll, and do outdoor activities.  Picnics are also held on the playground.  The surface material is woodchips and is maintained as needed.  The children are educated on the safe use of playground equipment.  Staff members position themselves so they can supervise the children on all areas of the playground while respecting the staff/child ratio at all times.  We also ask you provide us with appropriate clothing dependent upon the weather as well as sunscreen.

Nap and Rest Policy

Each developmental level has appropriate nap and rest policy at LN and parents are given a copy of our nap and rest policy in our parent handbook as well as online. All children are provided a quiet place to nap or rest at LN. The quiet are is set aside from any play area and/or children that could distract the napping environment. If any child (infant, toddler or preschool) is unable to take a nap, they are allowed to get out of their crib or off their cot after thirty minutes of quiet time. Also, if a child awakens after 30 minutes, their nap time is considered complete. Children can bring their bedding or blankets from home, individual bedding and blankets must be washed weekly and if soiled or wet. All blankets must be placed either in the cubby, locker or on the individual cot Cots are put out after children begin eating not before. If a cot needs to be shared, it must be sanitized before and after use. All cots should be sanitized on Friday evenings or if soiled by a sick child. Cribs and cots are placed directly on the floor and are not stacked while in use. Children over the age of 12 months are also allowed to bring a “snuggler” item with them for comfort during nap time. All cribs provided by the center are in accordance to licensing requirements, constructed safely and are sturdy as per the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 16, part 1220). Each crib is inspected monthly as per Minnesota Statues, sections 245A.146. A crib is provided for each infant in the number of the licensed capacity. All infants are placed to sleep on their back unless there is a Physician directive form, approved by the commissioner, on file for an alternative sleeping position. This form must be kept on file at the licensed location. An infant who rolls onto its stomach after being placed on their back may be allowed to remain sleeping on its stomach if the infant is at least six months of age or there is a signed statement from parent indicating the infant rolls over regularly at home. Infants must be placed on a firm mattress with a fitted sheet that is appropriate to the mattress size, that fits tightly on the mattress and overlaps the underside of the mattress so it cannot be dislodged by pulling on the corner of the sheet. Only a pacifier may be in the crib. If an infant falls asleep before being placed in a crib, the staff must move the infant to a crib as soon as practicable, while remaining within sight of the infant until safely in crib. When an infant falls asleep while being held, the license holder must consider supervision of others when determining how long to hold the infant prior to placing them in their crib. All infants must not be positioned where the airway can be blocked or anything covering their face. While it is not recommended and prohibited for any infant that is able to roll over on its own, with written consent of a parent or guardian, an infant may be placed down to sleep in a one-piece sleeper equipped with an attached system that fastens securely only across the upper torso, with no constriction of the hips or legs. Prior to swaddling, a parent must sign the form provided by the commissioner. All cribs and cots are placed with clear aisles and unimpeded access for adults and children on one side of each crib or cot. Sleeping equipment are directly placed on the floor and never stacked while in use. Equipment and Supplies: LN conducts daily maintenance checks on all its equipment and supplies for safety purposes. Cribs are inspected once a month and logged.


At the present time, LN does not have any pets. However, if in the future we would consider a school pet, we will notify all parents and check all our records for any allergies and/ or medical conditions.

Behavior Guidance Policy

All staff and employees of LN display a positive model of appropriate and acceptable behavior, thus ensuring our children will follow in that manner. We teach acceptance, diversity, cooperation, sharing all in a positive manner. We teach children to use their words not negative actions to resolve any conflict. Children must be allowed to be angry to learn how to deal with that anger. Children learn more from what you do than from what you say. Therefore we respect each child’s individuality and provide a positive environment for them. Our Behavior Guidance Policy is tailored to the developmental level of each child. Children are praised for all positive skills they display. When possible problems may arise; the children and groups are redirected toward constructive activities to, again, provide a positive environment. If problems do arise, children are directed how to apply acceptable positive alternatives to the problems thus reducing conflict. At all times, at LN the safety of the children and the staff are continuously protected. In the event of unacceptable behavior; immediate and specific consequences, directly related to the behavior are provided. Persistent Unacceptable Behavior: If redirection and modeling do not adequately provide resolution to any unacceptable behavior and it remains persistent, the following actions are in place. Persistent unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to: violent behavior, chronic biting, and inappropriate language. Staff observe and record the behavior of the child and staff responses to the behavior Staff work with parents and other professionals to develop a plan to address the unacceptable behavior. If the unacceptable behavior persists, in spite of the use of the plan, a parent conference will be held to share behavioral concerns and to discuss a referral to an appropriate outside resource. A “permission to refer slip” must be signed by the parent before a referral to an appropriate outside resource can be made.   If parents do not give permission for a referral and the child’s behavior is disruptive to the group, the child may be asked to leave the Center. Prohibited Actions by Staff and LN: No child at LN is ever subjected to corporal punishment under any circumstance Corporal punishment includes the following, but is not limited to: Rough handling, shoving, hair pulling, ear pulling, shaking, slapping, kicking, biting, pinching, hitting, or spanking. Children are not separated from the group except within rule requirement. A child is not subjected to emotional stress under any circumstances either, again including but not limited to: name calling, ostracism, shaming, making derogatory remarks about the child or the child’s family, and using any language that threatens, humiliates, or frightens the child. Corporal punishment, emotional abuse, punishment for lapses in toilet habits, or the withholding of food, light, warmth, clothing or medical care as a punishment for unacceptable behavior by parents or staff is prohibited Staff and parents prohibit the use of physical or mechanical restraint other than to physically hold a child when containment is necessary to protect a child or others from harm. Staff are prohibited from using Mechanical restraints such as tying. What Teachers do when Hitting or Biting Occurs: When hitting or biting occurs at LN, staff focus on the child who was injured. To ensure proper conflict management, the aggressive child will be redirected. Staff use simple language such as “biting hurts.” An explanation to the aggressive child that they need to use gentle touches will be provided. Parents of the child that got bit and the child that bit will be notified. Management track occurrences of biting or hitting listing the time of day, reason (if known), and staff response. If the behavior continues, conferences with parents will be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion. A joint parent-teacher strategy will be developed to reduce hitting/biting behavior. Separation from the group: At LN we believe that with the proper positive environment, children will thrive. The following actions are in place before any child would ever be separated from the group. The staff provides less intrusive methods to guide the child’s behavior in a positive manner. If the less intrusive methods to guide are ineffective, the child will be separated from the group. If the child’s behavior at any time threatens or endangers the well-being of the child or another child in the program, the child will be separated. If a child requires separation, the child will remain within an unenclosed section of the classroom and will be continuously seen and heard by a staff member. The child will also only be allowed to return to the group when the child’s unacceptable behavior ceases or is then under control. When the unacceptable behavior that precipitated the separation stops, the child must immediately be returned to the group. NOTE: The above policy excluded children ages six weeks to 16 months for they will never be separated from the group in order to implement behavior guidance. Separation log: All separations from the group must be noted on a daily log. The license holder must ensure that notation in the log includes the child’s name, staff person’s name, time, date, and information indicating what less intrusive methods were used to guide the child’s behavior and how the child’s behavior continued to threaten the well being of the child or other children in care. If a child is separated from the group three times or more in one day, the child’s parent shall be notified and notation of the parent notification shall be indicated on the daily log. If a child is separated five times or more in one week or eight times or more in two weeks, it is considered persistent unacceptable behavior and a behavior plan must be developed (see above for behavior plan).

Partnerships - Parents and Teachers

At LN, we make every effort to work with your schedule and we believe that every parent should be involved each step of the way.  Communication between parents and teachers is a priority that reinforces the well-being and education of each child at the center.  We encourage parents to stop in at any time during the day to visit the child or spend a little time with us to get an idea of what we are about and what we do daily.  We always are available, at your request, to discuss your child’s progress at the center.  A daily form is provided to you at the end of each day to keep you informed of your child’s activities and meals (for infants and toddlers).  Management is available by both email and by phone. Our center phone is located in our office and we are so frequently in classrooms, outside, etc that it is best to try us on email or direct lines to ensure a prompt response.

Continued Contact with Parents

Daily written reports are given to parents of infants and toddlers.  These forms include information about your child’s food intake, bowel movements, and general behavior. 

Formal conferences are held twice a year to provide you with a written assessment of your child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. discuss your child’s development and any other concerns your child may be having. 

Parents are welcome to visit the center during open hours. If at any time you wish to have a meeting with your child’s teacher, please do not hesitate to call.

Religion: We do not teach any religious doctrines at LN, in part because many of the children come from different backgrounds and beliefs, but we teach how to love and get along with others.   

Personal Belongings: Be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the day. The children play hard and need durable clothes. Your child is to come to the center with appropriate outside clothing (coat, boots, mittens, etc.), as we will be spending time outside each day, weather permitting. Children’s clothing and personal belongings should be marked clearly to lessen the chance the items will be lost.In addition, please remove all of your child’s belongings from his/her clothes hook on the last day that he/she attends each week. Toddler and Preschool children will need to have at least one spare set of clothes (shirt,pants, underwear,socks, etc.). Each child will have an assigned locker for their personal belongings.

Toddler /Preschool Parents: We ask that you not send toys with your child to the center.The center has a variety of age-appropriate toys for the children to play with. Young children find it difficult to share their belongings with other children. In the event your child does bring a toy to the center, they will be asked to store it in their locker. The center will not take responsibility for toys your child brings to the center which get lost or broken.


At this time, the food is provided by an outside source.  On site, we provide breakfast and snack.  A monthly menu is posted online for our lunch.  Each meal is per the USDA food program.   We are a fully nut free environment. Children cannot bring in any items that contain nuts–including granola bars, etc. We must maintain the nut free environment for the severity of our children with allergies.

Hand Washing

At LN, we believe in cleanliness.  That is why each child has to wash their hands, with our help if needed, before each meal, after using the bathroom, or at anytime we feel it is necessary. Birthdays: The staff at LN believe that a child’s birthday is a very special event and everyone enjoys celebrating! We celebrate each child’s birthday with a crown, happy birthday and locker decoration. You may bring a treat to share on your child’s birthday as long as it does not contain nuts or made in a facility that processes any nuts.

Medical Records

In the best interest of the child’s health and other children at the center, a current medical record and immunization (on the first day) record has to be provided to us within 30 days of enrollment.  These records have to be updated in accordance with State Laws.  Each time that an update occurs, you must submit a copy for us to keep on file. From infant to toddler and toddler to preschool; new Health Care Summaries and Immunization records are required–LN will drop the rate to the next age group, when the child has met the age required (ie 16 months for toddlers and 33 months for preschool) and the forms are received.  Our Preschool tuition does not include diapers; if a child is 33 months, parents can opt to bring diapers/pull ups, etc and receive the preschool rate–otherwise we will drop the rate when the child is no longer using diapers.


We understand that your child may sometimes require medications when at the center.  In order for us to safely and healthily administer medicine to your child, we require that all medications be labeled, dated, and prescribed by a licensed physician.  All over the counter medications will be administered only by following the labeled instructions.  A “medication authorization form,” that we provide, must be filled out, by the parent every day your child has to be administered medicine while at the center.  This form is turned over to the center director.

Sick Children

In case of illness, such as fever or diarrhea, your child may not be brought to the center to limit the spread of illness.  If your child stays at home, please notify the Center Director.  If your child becomes ill at the center, and we feel it would be better for him/her to be at home or see a doctor, we will contact you or the emergency contact person to come pick him/her up as soon as possible.  Until the parent arrives, the ill child will be supervised at all times, and isolated in a quiet area away from the other children.  The program staff will: 1.Continue to assess the child’s condition frequently 2. Take his/her temperature every 30-60 minutes if fever is present 3. 911 will be called if the situation appears to be an emergency   Emergency Procedures: If a serious injury occurs, the parents will be notified and/or we will call 911.  If need be, we will call the paramedics to transport your child and will notify the parents to meet the child at the hospital.  All staff members are trained in first aid every two years, CPR every two years, and SUID/AHT annually.  If your child receives a minor cut or abrasion at the center, the teacher will wash the area with soap and water and apply a band-aid.  Any further treatment of the wound must be done at home.  If your child’s teacher feels that the wound needs medical attention, parents will be notified.   Special Needs: If your child has any special needs, procedures stipulated in Rule 3, will be followed.  An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed to meet your child’s needs.  The plan will be coordinated with either the service plan and/or education plan with your child’s physician, psychiatrist, or physiologist.  The parents must be involved and approve all aspects of the planning.   Allergies: Please let the Center Director know at the time of enrollment if your child has any allergies or if he/she develops one at any time during enrollment at LN.  This will help us take better care of your child’s health.

Biting Insects

The center has HVAC and keeps all doors closed at all times.  Whenever outside or at the playground all children are kept away from food, garbage, and flowers and are required to wear shoes.  Parents may provide an insect repellent.  It will be applied using the manufacturer’s instructions with parents’ written permission.

Contagious Diseases

We keep you informed if a serious disease is spreading and affecting the children at the center (on our parent board, located outside the directors office). Any such case is immediately reported to the health department. If you know your child is infected with a contagious disease, we ask you to keep him/her at home until healed.  We will not be taking your child back to the center without a prior written approval of your doctor certifying that the child is no longer contagious. Vaccinations: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has vaccinations guidelines for young children that we strongly recommend the parents to follow.  We file and keep track of all immunizations of each child at the center as required by State Law.


Certain symptoms in children may suggest the presence of a communicable disease.  Children who have one or more of the following symptoms should be excluded from the childcare setting until 24 hours after symptoms have subsided or a physician has certified that the symptoms are not associated with an infection agent or they are no longer a threat to the health of other children.  Parents must report any communicable disease to the center.

Fever                                   Auxiliary temperature of 100 degrees or higher

Respiratory Symptoms                 -Difficult or rapid breathing or severe coughing

-Child makes a high-pitched croup or whooping sound after he/she coughs

-Child is unable to rest comfortably due to continuous cough

Diarrhea                                              An increased number of abnormally loose stools in the previous 24 hours (more than 2 per hour). Observe the child for other symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, or vomiting.  Child must be symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning to daycare

Eye/Nose Drainage                      Thick mucus or pus draining from the eyes or nose

Sore Throat                                    Sore throat, especially when fever or swollen glands are present

Skin Problems

Rash                                              skin rashes undiagnosed or contagious, drainage or crust on skin

Itching                                     Persistent itching of skin or scalp

Appearance/Behavior                  Child looks or acts differently: unusually tires, pale, lacking appetite, confused, irritable, and different in walking

Unusual Color                               Eyes or skin yellow (Jaundice)

Stool: gray or white

Urine: dark-tea colored

These symptoms can be found in hepatitis and should be evaluated by a doctor

Specific Disease Exclusion Guidelines:

AIDS                                    Exclude infected child if he/she exhibits biting behavior, has open skin sores or any bleeding disorder

Chicken Pox                      Until all blisters has dried into scabs about six days after onset of rash

Conjunctivitis                     Bacterial after 24 hours of treatment

Pink Eye                             Viral until a letter from your doctor is provided to verify that the child does not have bacterial pink eye

Cyomegalovirus                No exclusion necessary

Fifth Disease                     No exclusion necessary

Giardiasis                           For those with diarrhea only may return once stools are normal

Hand, Foot, & Mouth           Until fever is gone and child is well enough to participate in normal activities

Hepatitis B                          No exclusion necessary unless child is biting or has open sores

Impetigo                              Until all sores are healed or can be covered with bandages and until child has been treated with antibiotics for at least 24 hours

Lice                                      Until first treatment is completed and no lice seen

Measles                              Until four days after the rash appears

Mumps                                Until subsides, usually five days, but may be as long as nine days after swelling begins

Oral Herpes                        No exclusion necessary

Pertussis/Whooping Cough          Until five to seven days after antibiotic treatment has been started

Pinworms                           24 hours after treatment has been started

Febrile                                 Until 24 hours after an antibiotic treatment has been started

Ringworms                         Until 24 hours after an antibiotic treatment

Roseola                              Must be fever free for 24 hours

Rubella                               After 5 days after rash appears

Scabies                               Until 24 hours after treatment begin

Streptococcal/Scarlet Fever      NO 15 MINUTE TEST WILL BE ALLOWED

A 24 hour test is mandatory through the center, child must be on antibiotic for 24 hours and be fever free before returning

Yeast Infection                  24 hours after antibiotics has been started

Parents are encouraged to secure back-up care for the time your child is not allowed at the center because of illness. You are still responsible for paying your regular childcare fees if you child is absent because of illness.

In the event that there is an epidemic such as the flu or other illness that is becoming hard to manage with staff and children, LNN has the right to close for up to one day for cleaning or recuperation when we do not have enough staff to handle normal operation for the childcare.

Public Health Nurse

LN has a Public Health Nurse once a month at the Center.  She assesses all health procedures and is available for any questions you may have regarding your child’s health.  Please let the Center Director know if you have any specific health questions and she will contact the nurse for your family.

Safety Issues

Signing In and Out: Our computer swipe system logs your child in when you enter the building and logs your child out when you come in to pick them up. Please make sure to swipe your card upon entering the building and as a safety mandate, please don’t allow people in the building without their cards. We have the card system with our doors lock to ensure those that enter our building is secure. If you have misplaced your card, please let our directors know so they can deactivate your card and issue you a new one–We do have a $7.00 charge for a replacement (or any in addition to 2/family)

Picking Up A Child

None of the children will be released to anyone less than eighteen years of age or anyone who appears to be intoxicated.  Any adults (other than the parents) picking up a child are required to show a valid Minnesota State ID and will have to be on the list of authorized adults submitted by the parents that we keep on file.


LN does not provide transportation of any kind to the children attending the school.  Parents are asked to park their cars in the parking lot and walk their child into the building each day.  Please follow these rules as they are mandated by the City of Maple Grove, Plymouth and Champlin. Please be aware our parking lot is a one way traffic flow. It is for the safety of our children. Please drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings!

Insurance Coverage

LN carries liability insurance for each child in attendance. This liability insurance covers issues related to our facilities, injuries related to negligence, etc. It would not cover any illnesses or minor injuries related to everyday activities.

Child Abuse

Minnesota State Law requires us to report any suspected child abuse; it is mandated that all staff members at LN are required to contact the Hennepin County Child Protection Service to report suspected abuse if they have any reason to believe a child is being abused emotionally, physically, or sexually.

Missing Child

In case of a missing child, we will notify all staff members, the Plymouth/Maple Grove/Champlin Police Department and the parents of the child immediately.  Everyone will be searching for the child.

Severe Weather and Drills

We have monthly evacuation drills to prepare the children in case of emergency.  In such a situation, we would first make sure all the children are safe, then contact parents.    In case of extreme severe weather, the center may close.  We will let you know via email, text and Facebook as early as convenient if we are closed.   In the event of a weather emergency, such as a tornado or a severe thunderstorm, the staff will follow the evacuation procedure listed below: All children in the center will be asked to go to the designated tornado shelter, all classroom doors will be closed and the children will remain in place until the all clear is given by the Center Director or teacher in charge, according to the weather instructions given by WCCO 830 AM radio station.  Each emergency area has a working flashlight and a portable radio available. We have a working fire system, which will automatically close fire doors as soon as the alarm goes off. When this happens, all toddlers and preschoolers need to follow their teachers to the front or back exits.  Infants will be placed into two cribs and their teachers will roll them out to the parking lot away from the building where their teachers will remain until the all clear is given by the Maple Grove/Champlin/Plymouth Fire Department.


During the course of your child’s attendance at LN, there may arise a problem the parent feels should be corrected.  The parent can bring the problem to the teachers first if they prefer. f the problem is not resolved to the parent’s satisfaction, the problem is to be presented to one of our Program Directors. The goal of these decisions is to resolve the problem.

Cameras and Recordings

Our centers have cameras/audio in all of our classrooms and offices. We do use this recording for quality assurance as well as for ensuring that our children/staff are safe. For example, in the event of an injury, we could review the tapes to see how a child got injured. The recordings/audio are not public and not released to anyone outside of LN but a governing official.

School Portraits

At LNN, your child(ren) will have the opportunity to have their school portrait taken once a year. Parental permission will be obtained prior to portrait day. The Center Director will inform you of the dates.

Classroom Schedule - Infants

8:00-8:30                Arrival/breakfast

8:30-8:40                Music

8:40-8:50                Tummy time/large motor

8:50-9:00                Changing

9:00-9:10                Spanish

9:10-9:20                Story time; cuddling

9:20-9:30                Massage

9:30-10:30              Morning Nap

10:30-10:40            Exploratory play

10:40-10:50            French

10:50-11:00            Changing

11:00-11:10            Art

11:10-11:20            Body parts

11:20-11:30            Math

11:30-11:40            Game

11:40-11:50            Italian

11:50-12:00            Exploratory play

12:00-12:30            Lunch/changing

12:30-12:40            Reading cards

12:40-12:50            Story time; cuddling

12:50-1:00              Massage

1:00-3:00                Afternoon Nap

3:00-3:20                Snack/Changing

3:20-3:30                Large motor/tummy time

3:30-3:40                Game

3:40-3:50                Fine motor

3:50-4:00                French

4:00-4:10                Sensory

4:10-4:20                Changing

4:20-4:30                Music

4:30-6:00                Free play; Departure time

Classroom Schedule - Toddlers

7:40-8:00                Breakfast (structured free play prior to breakfast)

8:00-8:45                Structured free play, arrivals, puzzles, testing on weekly themes with individuals

9:00                         Circle time–days of the week, etc.

9:10                         Spanish

9:15                         Art

9:30                     Italian

9:45                         Dance

10:00                       Reading Cards

10:15-10:45            Outside/gym dependent on weather

10:45                       Encyclopedic knowledge

11:00                       Math

11:15                       French

11:25                       Sign language

11:30                       ABC/Flannel stories/etc.

11:45                       Diaper changes, potty, wash hands for lunch

12:00                       Lunch

12:30                       Storytime

12:45                       Yoga

1:00                         Nap time

3:00                         Diaper changes/potty/wash hands for snack

3:15                         Snack

3:30                         Fine motor—beading, puzzles, coloring

3:45                         Flannel stories

4:00                         Outside if weather is nice

4:30                         ABCs—letter of the week

4:45                         Puppets

5:00                         Combine with pre-k—have an activity at the table—such as play doh, mr potato head, etc

5:15                         Storytime

5:30                         Clean up

Classroom Schedule - Preschoolers

8:00                         Breakfast (structured free play prior to breakfast)

8:30                         Circle time–days of the week, theme of the day

8:45                         Spanish

9:00                         Gymnastic/tumbling/balance

9:15                         Art

9:30                         Reading Cards

9:45                         French

10:00                       Silly songs and dancing

10:15-10:45            Outside/gym dependent on weather

10:45                       Encyclopedic knowledge

11:00                       Math

11:15                       Italian

11:25                       Sign language

11:35                       Handwriting practice

11:50                       Wash hands for lunch

12:00                       Lunch

12:30                       Storytime

12:45                       Yoga

1:00                         Nap time

3:00                         Wash hands for snack

3:15                         Snack

3:30                         Dramatic play

4:00-6:00                Combine and have structured free play (ie potato head, blocks, etc)