Preschool & Infant Day Care in Plymouth MN

Child Care Plymouth MN

Welcome to Little Newtons Plymouth! We teach Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Math, Reading, Science, Yoga and a Special Subject (can be anything from the States to the Presidents). Children have a very fun, busy day!

Our Plymouth location is our largest location and has the most Management on site.  Nicole is in charge of tours, Parent communication, etc.  Nicole can be reached at

Sneak a peak into our classrooms:

Infants: $310/week

Toddlers: $258/week

Preschool: $231/week


We do have Full Time Enrollment only.

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Little Newtons is a day care and preschool in Plymouth MN which offers personalized and fun nurturing child care and learning. We offer exceptional a full-time child care and preschool program for a reasonable cost. Our carefully designed program combines attentiveness and comfort of the best infant and Childcare centers with tailored and fun education.

Infants, toddlers, preschool children have fun and learn social connectivity and communication through stepwise, energetic and interesting classes. Plymouth is our largest center, but we also have locations in Maple Grove and Champlin.  Plymouth has almost every possible facilities that you can expect in an ideal Preschool Center. Our Plymouth location is easily reachable for parents and kids, we strive to create an extended familiar environment so that your child may feel safe and comfortable here just like home.

Plymouth Location

12325 W Hwy 55
Plymouth, MN 55441