Why are your rates so low (comparatively)?

Our early childhood education, Little Newtons, are not a large corporation or franchise.  We are founded on the desire to be the early childhood development program that parents are looking for.  We all work very hard to provide an exceptional environment for all children.  Our rates are:
  • Infants (6 weeks to 16 months and includes diapers, wipes, organic baby food and formula)
  • Toddlers (16 months to 33 months and includes diapers and wipes)
  • Preschool (33 months to 5 years and must be potty trained for this rate)
  • Kindergarten (must be 5 prior to Sept 1st).

Because with every age change; DHS requires new Health forms; we will drop the tuition rate when we receive the forms.

Plymouth and Maple Grove’s Rates: $299/week for Infants, $250/week for Toddlers, $224/week for Preschool.
Champlin’s Rates: $290/week for Infants, $242/week for Toddlers, $217/week for Preschool



Aside from our great child care and early childhood education, we also provide diapers and wipes, food (breakfast, lunch and snack) and formula.  LN wants parents to transition to our program with ease and not to worry about bringing supplies. Because of our lower ratios and all inclusive tuition; we do only have full time rates.



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