Who We Are

Little Newtons is an exceptional childcare center where imagination, love and education combine and result in new adventures every day…Brilliance guaranteed!

We have designed an innovative program to suit the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development of your child.  We offer competitive weekly rates including diapers, wipes, formula, and all food for your child.  We are located in a school building surrounded by 5 acres of nature for lots of outdoor fun.

All of the staff at Little Newtons are hand picked individuals who possess a great love for children and who pride themselves on being attentive to all of your child’s needs.  In addition to ensuring that they meet all qualifications set by Minnesota State law, we have specifically chosen teachers who are dedicated to our mission and teaching philosophy to ensure that every child receives an intellectually stimulating program in a fun and safe environment.

Our staff is committed to providing every child with a comprehensive learning experience that’s tailored to their individual needs.  To that end, we have designed our program to give your child the most individual care possible.

Please click on the links below to view our Parent Handbook, Mission, Philosophy, and Parent Testimonials.

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Our Mission

Little Newtons’ mission is to change early childhood education and provide the highest standard of learning. We’ve created a positive environment that fosters the development and enjoyment of learning, along with first-class childcare. Our philosophy is based on a mixture of teaching methods, creating a program that encompasses a great breadth of knowledge, excitement, and adventure.


Our Philosophy

Little Newtons’ philosophy is based on a mixture of teaching methods.  We have developed a program that encompasses a great breadth of knowledge, excitement, and adventures.  LN believes that, in a child’s life, ages zero to five are imperative to their lives’ journeys.  We are dedicated to providing the most exceptional environment for children to reach such goals and exceed their potential.