Ask Our Daycare Questions

Ask Our Daycare Questions

It is vital you know what questions to ask your child’s prospective daycare. Whether your child will be going to the daycare part time or full time, you need to feel comfortable dropping your kiddo off for the center to care for your child all day. If you’re trying to prepare to drop your child off at the most recommended daycare in Champlin, it’s time to prepare yourself with a set of questions. We highly recommend you catch up by reading our previous posts to learn more, and then continue reading.

Child Care FAQsdaycare champlin

  1. What is your daycare’s visitation policy? This question must always be asked. Every child care facility is different than the previous and the next. If you were once used to the idea of having your sister come pick up your child without it being planned out first, it’s important you ask your new daycare if the same actions are OK. There are reasons every daycare facility has policies put into place, and that’s for protection of the children. However, we do believe you as the parent should never have to schedule an appointment to stop by and visit your little one, or the people caring for your kiddo.

Have you chosen a daycare yet?

Has the time come for you to set your eye on the day care of your choice? If so, we highly recommend you take a look at our daycare facility, Little Newtons. To learn more and have all of your child care FAQs answered, give us a call!

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