Reasons To Be Reading To Your Child Everyday

Reasons To Be Reading To Your Child Everyday

Reading to your child can be extremely beneficial, and if you haven’t made it a common practice, we highly recommend you do! But why? Well, there have been plenty of studies done that prove reading to your child during their developmental stages can help them later in life. Why? Because books are everything. Books let your child’s mind evolve, and once they get older, they’ll begin to pick up words to use in their own vocabulary; they’ll be able to use their creative mind to write their own story; and, they’ll be able to understand context better. Are you convinced you should be reading to your child everyday? We hope so, but if not, just like our previous posts, today’s blog will be giving you more great benefits why reading to your child everyday is highly recommended.

child care program champlinBenefits of reading to your child include the following:

  1. Did you know that preschoolers who have been read to tend to do much better in upcoming language classes as they grow older? If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. From a young age, these children have been given words to add to their vocabulary. Hearing these words and knowing how to use them in conversation can help them do well in the future.
  2. During many different studies, children who were read to during early education, such as daycare, child care and preschool, all did well in grade school, middle school and high school.

Do you want your kiddo to excel now and well into the future?

If so, it’s time you pick up a book and read to them daily. To keep your child engaged at child care, you can expect our child care professionals to read to them too. Are you wanting to learn more benefits of reading? We recommend you stayed tuned for our next blog: Why You Should Read To Your Kiddos At Bedtime.

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