V-Day Love Blossom Tree Craft

V-Day Love Blossom Tree Craft

Holiday crafts are an easy way to connect with your kids during the best holidays of the year, such as Valentine’s Day. Our childcare providers at Little Newtons have been thinking of some crafts that you can do with your kiddos on the weekends. So if you’re searching for ideas, here’s one: the love blossom tree.

Love Blossom Tree

What you’ll need:

  • Printer or construction paper
  • Red paint
  • Brown paint
  • Pink paint
  • Paint brush

What to do:

This craft is incredibly fun for children of all ages and the best part is that it’s easy! First, make sure your child is wearing clothes that can get messy. Start by painting the palm of your child’s hand and inside forearm with the brown paint. Once painted, have your child press his or her hand flat on the paper of your choice. Be sure that when your kiddo places their hand on the paper, they’re also pushing their forearm into the paper. The brown hand and forearm print is now the trunk of the love blossom tree. From here, have your child stamp their thumbs into red or pink paint to create heart shaped leaves on the fingers (branches) of the tree. For best practice, have your kiddo press their thumb onto the paper in opposite directions with the base of the thumbprints touching, making a heart.

Let the love blossom tree dry and then proceed to hang your child’s Valentine’s Day artwork on the fridge or wall where you can view it for the entire month of February! Take a peek at some of our past childcare blogs to find more fun V-Day crafts to do with the entire family.


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