How to Prepare your Kiddo for Child Care

How to Prepare your Kiddo for Child Care

If your kiddo has never been to child care in Maple Grove before, it’s always good to prepare them. Preparing your child for a great experience is one of the best ways to introduce child care to them in a positive way! Because we care about you and your child’s experiences, here are the best ways to introduce child care into your kiddo’s life in a fun and stress-free way!

Ease into it!

No child likes to be thrown into something new. If you’ve been following our blog posts, then you already know that children love routines. If you follow a routine and introduce something new to them slowly, they’ll be more likely to accept this new experience as part of their everyday life. Preparation is a great way to ease your child into a child care facility in Maple Grove, and doing this will even help to transition them into early childhood education programs in the future.

Be positive!

Your child will take after your attitude. So, if you’re worried or not too thrilled about putting your kid in child care, it’s likely that they won’t be excited about it either. Be sure not to show anxiety about child care, as your child will pick up on this and think that child care is a scary new thing that they are being forced to do.

Don’t linger around!

Many parents are worried that their child won’t accept their new child care surroundings. Though it may take a little while for your child to adjust, it’ll be easier if you, as the parent, aren’t lingering around the facility. To keep things simple, keep your drop off quick and easy. Lingering will only show and transfer your fears, sadness or anxiety onto your child, making their experience bad.

Leave a comfort item.

It’s important that your child feels comfortable in all situations. If the child care center you chose allows personal comfort items, make sure they have it with them during moments of separation. This item could be a blanket, a stuffed animal or anything else that they like to use for comfort when they’re at home. Explain to your child that this item will help to keep them happy and safe while you are away until you pick them up at the end of the day.

Be prepared for your child to cry.

More than likely, your child will cry when you leave them at child care. You should prepare for this, but the best way to do this is by setting normal boundaries at home. After you leave, it’s good to tag up with their care provider to see how long they cried and to see how the rest of their day went. It will break your heart to leave your crying child, but they will always be smiling when you return to pick them up!

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