What to Wear to Little Newtons

What to Wear to Little Newtons

We understand that there are new parents everywhere. Dressing your child is fun, but if your child is going to be attending child care in Maple Grove, there should be some things about what they wear that you keep in mind. You want your child to stay comfortable and ready-to-play at any time, so here are some great tips on what you should dress your child in when you bring them in for child care in Maple Grove at Little Newtons.

Leave the dressy attire, like lace and ruffles, at home.

We know that your child looks adorable in dressy clothing, but to be honest, it can be tough for children to move and have fun in this type of clothing. Plus, if you don’t want your children to ruin their dress clothes during playtime, it’s best to leave this type of attire for days when they’re not at child care.

Avoid hard-to-pull on tights, suspenders and overpants.

Although your child will look super cute, it can be hard for caregivers to dress and undress during potty time or when they change diapers. Peeling through layers that are tight or hard to get on and off can be too much work and uncomfortable for your child too.

If your child is going through potty training, be sure to dress them in easy-to-manage outfits.

Just like the previous tip, pants that are hard to get on and off and a lot of layers can actually cause your child to unsuccessfully use the bathroom. Accidents can happen if your child has to take off a lot of layers. Make it easier on them with quick access to the potty without embarrassing themselves.

Every once in awhile a barrette or hat is nice, but they can be hard to keep track of in a child care setting. You’re better off leaving hair accessories and/or hats at home, unless it’s for a special occasion.



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