Why You Should Read To Your Child

Why You Should Read To Your Child

Do you remember being read to when you were a child? If so, what types of books did your parents read to you? Were they picture books, story books or participation books? No matter what type of book it was, it’s important you keep the tradition alive for your children to experience. So, why would you want to read to your children anyways? Well, did you know that reading to your children can provide them with many great benefits?

child care reading maple groveWhen reading to and with your child, they will derive many wonderful benefits, including the following:

  1. When you read to your child, you will create a bigger bond. Doing this activity together gives your kiddo a great sense of well-being and intimacy. This well-being and intimacy will give your child the closeness to you they prefer: The feeling of being undoubtedly loved and receiving attention they need to help them grow their intellectual mind.
  2. If your child loves when you read to them, they’ll look at reading as a pleasurable experience. Having this is vital for growing up. When your child grows up and starts taking classes where reading is part of homework, they’ll be more likely to complete the reading hassle-free, as well as read in their spare time.

Clearly, reading has an impact on your kiddos.

Just like you, reading is important to our child care center in Maple Grove. If you are searching for a child care center that will provide your child with the expandable knowledge reading can bring, look no further than Little Newtons. Don’t go anywhere just yet, stay tuned for our next blog for more great benefits of reading to children: Benefits Of Reading To Your Child.

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