Go Shopping For New Children’s Books & Get To Reading

Go Shopping For New Children’s Books & Get To Reading

How many children’s books do you own? If you are a parent, it’s time to make sure you’re well-stocked on books. Just like you, our goal is to provide your child with all tools possible to succeed in life, even though they are just young tots right now. Because of this, the child care providers at Little Newtons read to your child every single day. If you aren’t sure why reading to children is so incredibly beneficial, it’s time to learn the benefits. But first, catch up by reading some of our past posts, then continue.

child care plymouth story timeWhy should you read to your child daily?

  1. When you’re a child, the world is a big and vast place. Reading a book allows a child’s mind to escape and create a whole new world and characters with their very own imagination. Imagination as a kid is an evolutionary experience that deserves attention. When your child is involved with reading, it will allow them evolve their imagination while improving their listening skills to do so.
  2. Your child will first learn about colors, shapes, letters and numbers when they pick up a book. If you read to them daily, they’re more likely to learn the alphabet sooner, will be able to count to 10 before child care starts and may even learn the entire rainbow!

Read with your child and get to know our child care center.

Learn more about our child care center in Plymouth. Our leaders read to children every day to make sure they’re growing as a little adult. To learn more about our processes, the books we read or anything else you want to know, please feel free to contact us!

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