Books Children’s Minds Love

Books Children’s Minds Love

When you were little, we’re guessing you love to open a brand new book and look at all of the color pictures. If this sounds like something that was familiar in the past, it’s time to raise your child with the same excitement. There are many wonderful benefits that reading to your kiddo provides; however, many parents aren’t sure what books are the best ones to purchase. In our previous posts, the leading daycare center in Champlin has been giving parents the types of books that children’s minds love. Continue reading to learn more.

Types of books to read to your young child:

Patterned Concept Booksdaycare champlin

Patterned concept books wonderful to include in your child’s library. These types of books allow your child a way to expand their understand of relationships, themes, ideas and so much more. They also use their illustrations as examples of various words and ideas. In fact, any type of book with strong rhythmic flow and patterns are great books to help children predict what’s next to come on the following page.

Patterned concept books we suggest you read include the following:

  • The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown
  • Monday, Monday, I Like Monday by Bill Martin Jr.

Learn how our daycare team incorporates reading into the daily curriculum at Little Newtons.

Are you interested in learning how our daycare professionals introduce reading to your kiddo at Little Newtons? We encourage you to learn more from us by giving us a call or contact us online today. Also, stay tuned for our next blog: Do Children Enjoy Wordless Books?

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