Solutions for Your Toddler’s Stress

Solutions for Your Toddler’s Stress

kid-stressThere are plenty of things that contribute to stress in adult life, from the bills that seem to flow on a consistent basis to the amount of time that we spend sitting at a desk for work, it’s not uncommon for adults to have one or more factors in their life that are leaving them stressed. While it may seem unlikely for your toddler to be experiencing stress given they aren’t at work and don’t have any bills to pay, stress in toddlers and young children is in fact very common. There are many signs that a parent may recognize in their child that will signal stress within a toddler. While the chances of these stresses leading to something like high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, there are plenty of ways that children are physically affected by this stress and it should not be taken lightly. Here are a few of the most common reasons that toddlers experience stress at such a young age, as well as ways that you can minimize and care for them.

Common Signs of Stress

Everyone handles stress differently, and as a child who is extremely reliant on their parent or some form of provider, the primary ways that they deal with stress will be by acting out towards this person. Some of the most common ways that we see children acting out their stress are:

  • Change or difficulty with a sleep schedule
  • Loss in appetite or upset stomach
  • Change in emotions; constantly upset or aggravated
  • Increase in sickness
  • Constipation or change in bowel movements
  • Nightmares or night terrors
  • Coping mechanisms like thumb sucking

Reasons Children Stress Out

In the same way that children react to stress differently, there are plenty of situations and circumstances that cause children to stress out in the first place. Below are a few of the reasons that we see children stress out at daycare and ways that you can minimize the situations at home and while they’re at school. Remember, it’s important to take these issues seriously so that they don’t lead to further issues, both emotionally and physically.

kid-stress2Separation Anxiety

Sometimes this reason becomes a component for stress for us parents as well. When children are accustomed to spending a majority of their time with a parent, spending a half or full day at daycare can seem like an eternity. This may happen in the first few months and maybe even year that your child attends daycare. This can also happen every once in awhile, this can happen when children move to different daycares or start a new program at a school. The best way to counter this is to ask them about their day afterwards and make the drop off as seamless as possible. Creating a comfortable relationship with the daycare teacher will improve the ease at which dropoffs go, and will allow for your child to feel much more comfortable when they are dropped off at daycare. Being comfortable with the daycare provider will also benefit any stress that is created from separation anxiety.

Learning New Things

Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, learning new things can create a big shift in the way a child’s life works, especially during the learning process. One of the best examples of life lessons that cause stress is potty training. With so much pressure and the discomfort of having an accident, there are plenty of reasons that kids wind up stressed. Patience is one of the ways that you can work on minimizing stress with this particular cause. Positive reinforcement is another way that children can feel confident in this new skill that they’re learning. Also, make sure that you don’t rush with whatever skill it may be that they are learning, this will only increase the chances of them stressing out about the situation.

We’ve only just begun to visit the circumstances that can cause stress in toddlers and young children, but we have definitely not covered them all. Make sure to check back in the next couple of weeks as we cover a few other reasons that children undergo stress at a young age or while in daycare. Little Newtons in daycare in Champlin will always provide you with the information and guidance that you need for your child to succeed.

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