Why You Should Read To Your Kiddos At Bedtime

Why You Should Read To Your Kiddos At Bedtime

Do you know the impact of reading on children? If not, it’s time you catch up by reading our previous blog posts, because reading to kids can cause them to do well in the future. This is highly important! If you want your child to do well in the future by succeeding in school, have a well-versed knowledge base and in context influentially better than most kids, it’s time to start reading. But we know that your child isn’t with you at all times when growing up, which is why at Little Newton’s daycare in Champlin, we make it a point to read to your kiddo, daily. But why? Well, there are many more wonder benefits they’ll be receiving.

daycare in ChamplinBenefits your child will be receiving if you read to them daily include the following:

  1. Reading to babies is beneficial too! Even though your baby may not be able to understand exactly what you’re saying, when you read them a book, they’ll start to understand the concept of sounds and learn that words on a page are read from left to right. Plus, they’ll understand that the story will continue once the page is turned.
  2. If your child has a tough time keeping their attention on one concept for certain periods of time, start reading to them. Doing so promotes attention span growth, which is highly important for your child to acquire and have at all stages in life. Being able to concentrate will help your child in schooling as they grow older.

Have you enrolled your child?

When you enroll your child at Little Newtons’ daycare in Champlin, you can rest assured that they will be read to on a daily basis. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to read to your child on your own at home. We suggest you read to your kiddo at least once a day, before bedtime is a great time. If you have questions, give us a call. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more benefits of reading to your kiddo at a young age: Go Shopping For New Children’s Books & Get To Reading.

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