Benefits Of Reading To Your Kiddo

Benefits Of Reading To Your Kiddo

Did you know that reading to your child on a daily basis can provide them with a multitude of benefits without them ever realizing? If you are unaware of the many great benefits your child will get from their parents reading to them, it’s time to catch up by reading some of our previous posts. From letting your child’s imagination expand to teaching them colors, shapes and the ABCs, it’s important to understand the benefits reading can provide. Additionally, because reading can help our kids in daycare gain knowledge, we read to them daily. So, here are more great interesting benefits your child could be reaping!daycare storytime Maple Grove

Reading to your child every day provides many amazing benefits!

  1. Did you know that reading to your young one could improve their IQ score by over 6 points? That’s right! A study published by Psychological Science in January of 2013 stated that “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.” This is astonishing and is something to consider when deciding whether or not you have time to read to your child.
  2. Reading to children allows them to develop early thinking skills. Books have the power to provide your child with the knowledge of cause and effect, which means they are more likely to exercise logic at an earlier age as well as the ability to think in more abstract terms. Your child may also learn to understand the consequences of their actions based off of the cause and effect, in other words, what’s right from wrong.

We read to children and help them expand their knowledge.

Our daycare in Maple Grove wants the best for your child, which means we take initiative to read to your child every day. Learn more about our daycare programs online today and stay tuned for more great benefits reading to your child can provide: Provide Benefits To Your Child Through Reading.

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