Daycare Touring Questions You Should Ask

Daycare Touring Questions You Should Ask

daycare maple groveLearning the in’s and out’s of a prospective daycare is extremely important. Where you plan to take your child for daycare is something which should be taken seriously, this is why in our previous post the daycare providers at Little Newtons in Maple Grove started giving readers the first two questions you should ask when or before touring a facility. Here are more.

Daycare FAQs

  1. What will happen if my child is sick? In each daycare or child care facility, there should be a clear plan for responding to an illness. You need to know the answers to questions, including, “Will my child need to come home?” and “Can I take my child to daycare while sick?” Each daycare center will have different answers. So make sure you understand them before you enroll your child. To learn about Little Newtons’ sick policies, click here.
  1. What is your facilities staff-to-child ratio? For many facilities, they will have a distinct answer, and for good reason. By law, there are different ratios per age group. Ideally, the ratio for children who are two to three years of age is 1:5; 1:7 for three to four-year-olds and 1:15 for five-year-olds. But like we said, every daycare facility is different. To learn about Little Newtons’ staff-to-child ratio, click here.

Continue to learn more great questions you should be asking each daycare provider before you enroll in Maple Grove. Contact us online today to have your questions answered immediately.

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