Dress Your Tot Right!

Dress Your Tot Right!

You may not think that what your son or daughter wears to daycare in Maple Grove matters, but the fact of the matter is that it does! You don’t want your kiddo struggling to undress to go potty or feel like they’re restricted while they play. To gain some more tips on what not to dress your child in on daycare days, continue reading.

Fancy bows, hats and barrettes are no-nos.

Although we all love a little boy who’s wearing an adorable hat or the little girl who is fancier-than-ever with dazzling barrettes, they are only a setup for disaster. Leave the barrettes, bows and hats at home! Tots tend to pull on each others hair when there is something shiney in it. Pulled hair is painful and avoiding that situation as a whole is best. Same goes for a boy’s hat. Children will want to get their hands on whatever isn’t theirs, especially if it’s new to them.

Outfit your kiddo in a seasonally-correct wardrobe.

Make sure that you’re providing your child with clothes that are appropriate for the season we’re in. Don’t send your child to daycare with shorts on in the winter and sweats on in the summer. Incorrectly dressed children can cause limitations to their day, like not being able to go outside and play when the temperature fluctuates.

Dress your kiddo appropriately on days they’ll be at daycare in Maple Grove. Contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns.

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