Eight to 10 Month Sleep Cycle

Eight to 10 Month Sleep Cycle

Sleeping is a vital part of every kiddo’s childhood. Our daycare believes that if you want your kid to grow up to be big and strong, there are some things that you must know as a responsible parent: sleep cycles depend on age. We highly recommend that you learn more about how much sleep younger babies need by reading our previous posts. Continue reading below to learn about eight to 15 month old sleep cycles.

Eight to 10 Months

On a daily basis, kiddos under a year old need a lot of sleep, including naps. Naps are a great way to make sure your eight to 10 month old baby gets the required amount of sleep for developmental purposes. In fact, we recommend that you put your baby down for a nap at 9:00 AM and again at 1:00 PM. To keep your child on a regular sleep schedule that will keep him or her happy and developing properly, plan your child’s bedtime no later than three-and-a-half hours after the second nap ends; we recommend putting your child to bed anytime between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM.

10 to 15 Months

Your child should be starting the transition to only one nap in the afternoon. Although this transition may be difficult at first, it is necessary. Your child should only need 12 to 15 hours of sleep per day. So we recommend that your child’s bedtime be in the early afternoon. Their bedtime is best when set for four hours after your child wakes from their nap. A good bedtime for a 10 to 15 month old would be 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. Maple Grove’s leading daycare providers have another important sleep cycle blog post coming up next: 15 Months to Three Years Old Sleep Cycle.

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