Types Of Books Children Love

Types Of Books Children Love

Understandably, there are plenty of children’s books out on the market that are entertaining, engaging and perfectly suited for your newborn, toddler or young adult. However, there are some books that you may want to purchase over others. The leading daycare center in Maple Grove wants you to understand what books are the best to read and why.

Types of books to read to your young child:

Picture Storybooks

Picture storybooks are a great place to start. When you go to the store to look for a new book, search for one with plenty of illustrations and bright colors. Children who are engaged in the look of a book are going to be more engaged in the story as well. Plus, sometimes children don’t understand exactly what the words mean, but the picture may be able to explain the story to them in a much clearer way.

daycare maple grovePicture storybooks we suggest you read include the following:

  • Flower Garden by Eve Bunting
  • Quick as a Cricket by Don and Audrey Wood
  • Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

Reading is a very important activity you should be doing with your child; we read to our daycare children every single day!

In fact, there are plenty of benefits and scientific findings that state why parents and daycare providers should be doing so. We encourage you to read some of the benefits in our past blog post. However, stay tuned for more types of books we highly suggest you purchase for your child’s book collection.

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