3 Ways to Get Your Kiddo Comfortable At Daycare

3 Ways to Get Your Kiddo Comfortable At Daycare

All kids are different which means each and every child’s experience at daycare will be exponentially diverse. If your child seems to be a bit frightened of daycare, they are more than likely uncomfortable with the whole idea of daycare. This is not a problem; in fact, most children are not excited about daycare at first. Since it is very common for kids who are new to daycare to be a bit frightened, our daycare providers at Little Newtons in Plymouth has some handy tips for you to try.daycare plymouth

Ways to make your child comfortable at daycare:

  1. Let your child bring their favorite blanket, binky or toy. Basically, whatever makes your child happy and calm is what you should allow your child to bring to daycare. Or both! There’s nothing wrong with your kiddo taking their favorite toy and blanket to daycare; we actually encourage it!
  2. If your child is upset about daycare, let them bring their favorite family photo. Depending on age, your child may reap the benefits of bringing their favorite family photo into daycare. They can keep it in their pocket, in their lunchbox or in the backpack. But if it makes them feel more comfortable, we’ll call it a success.
  3. Whether you have a little boy or girl, you can choose to give them a bracelet you will also be wearing. Let them know you are always with them, and if they’re feeling scared, sad or alone, you’re only a glance away. Since you both have the same little bracelet, your little one can feel like they’re protected, even though you’re away for the day.

We hope this helps to get your kiddo comfortable at daycare in Plymouth. To learn more about our daycare and its teachers, contact us today!

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