6 Awesome Reasons Why Daycare is Great for your Kid!

6 Awesome Reasons Why Daycare is Great for your Kid!

For many parents, the thought of sending their  child to daycare can be overwhelming. We understand that you’ve brought your child up from the get-go, which is why we understand how deciding if daycare is right for your child or not is a big deal. However, it’s great to point out the amazing features of introducing daycare to your child at Little Newton’s in Plymouth.

6 awesome reasons why daycare is great for your kid:

Lower chance of depression.

Did you know that your child has a lower chance of becoming depressed if they join a daycare? Depression is a struggle that many mothers go through, and a recent study found that if you put your child in a daycare, there’s less of a chance of passing down depression to their child. If you think about it, it does make sense. When they’re in daycare, they’ll be surrounding by friends who love them, doing fun things together!

Socialization.kids program

Kids who are exposed to socialization early on are more likely to be outgoing and have great social skills as they grow older. The opportunity to grow their social skills with other kids is likely to help them come out of their shell much easier, and by the time preschool rolls around, it’ll be easier for them to make friends and communicate with others.


Structured days are important for a child. You can expect your child to go about a scheduled day every day in daycare. A day usually goes like this: play, nap, eat, play, snack, play, play and play. Did you know that a child’s developing brain craves routine? Routine even improves their brain! With daycare, you can be excited to know that your child is getting great care and is provided with a daily routine that they’ll appreciate and love.

Zero Boredom.

Rest assured in knowing that your child won’t be experiencing any boredom when you enroll them in Little Newton’s daycare center in Plymouth. Daycare will keep your child active with play and interaction. They’ll learn to thrive with others as well as on themselves for entertainment. Regardless, your child will have a ton of activities to choose from and other kids to interact with. Academic Readiness.

Your child will have the skillset and social experience that prepares them for early childhood education, like preschool and elementary school that follows. Studies have shown that kids who attend daycare from an earlier age tend to be more ready for school than their stay-at-home counterparts. Very basic language and math skills are often learned at daycare, which means the transition to preschool will be that much easier.

Your child is in great hands.

We understand that it can be difficult to let your child be cared for by another person, but when you put your trust in the daycare professionals in Plymouth at Little Newton’s, you won’t have to worry! We are trained professionals with certifications to back it. We keep our teacher/daycare professionals to child ratio up to standard so that your child is getting the best care and as much attention as they need.


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