6 Ways To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick

6 Ways To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick

Daycare is a scary around this time of year. Getting sick is something that everyone tries to avoid at all costs, but when you have a child who attends daycare, it can seem inevitable that you’ll be getting the wintertime bug that’s flying around. Luckily, we understand that nobody wants to come down with a cold, which is why we’re giving you 6 ways that you can keep your child healthy at Little Newtons’ daycare in Plymouth.

  1. Do what you can do boost your child’s immunity. Experts everywhere agree that a healthy diet that is high in vegetables, fruits and iron-rich foods, as well as plenty of restful sleep are key to any strong immune system. Iron may be a tough food for your child to enjoy, so if your kid is having trouble getting enough iron, give your pediatrician a call.
  2. Insist on clean hands. Poor hand hygiene is the most common way illness is spread. If you want to reduce the spread of illness, make sure you keep your child’s hands as clean as possible. Our daycare staff is also very good about keeping up on their hand hygiene. We wash our hands frequently throughout the day, including before and after feedings, after checking or changing diapers, after using the restroom and wiping running noses, drool or spit up.
  3. Do not bring your child to daycare if they are sick. No matter if your child has a runny nose or high fever, out of respect for the staff and the other children, it’s a good idea to find other arrangements for child care.
  4. Make sure your child is properly vaccinated prior to enrolling in daycare. Your child should have all their immunizations, and a record may be requested by our daycare. It’s important to make sure your child has all of their proper immunizations in case another child does not. Keep them safe and away from illnesses that are no fun. You can rest assured that all of our daycare staff is also vaccinated.
  5. Be conscious of cross-contamination. Let’s face it, infants put everything in their mouth, and at daycare, it is no different. Although we do what we can to keep all the toys clean, some germs can simply not be cleaned in time. Do your job at home by cleaning toys after they have been played with to keep things clean and avoid cross-contamination.
  6. It’s good to ask about our daycare’s regulations and standards. Understandably, every daycare is different. You’ll want to learn all about Little Newtons’ daycare regulations, like the sick policy, when toys are cleaned, etc. To learn more about these procedures and policies, feel free to drop by or give us a call!

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