Benefits Of Reading To Your Child

Benefits Of Reading To Your Child

What was your experience with reading when growing up? Did you parents read to you every night before bed? Were you cared for at a daycare that read nap time stories? If so, can you remember your favorite books? We bet you can! Now, do you want your child to have the same experiences with children’s books growing up just like you? If so, you’re in the right place. Our incredible daycare, Little Newtons, has been providing parents with the benefits of reading, and why it’s incredibly important to read to your kiddo, and better yet, to choose a daycare that incorporates reading in their program, like us. We recommend you catch up by reading our previous post, then continue reading.

daycare PlymouthGreat benefits your child will receive from reading include the following:

  1. Did you know that reading can calm your child down? If you have ever experienced a hard time putting your kiddo to bed, try reading to them. It naturally calms restlessness and fret-filled kiddos.
  2. Reading automatically increases the amount of communication you and your child have. When you read to your child, they’re more likely to ask you questions, such as “What word is that?”, or make comments to you about the silly pictures in the book.

Are you convinced that you should be reading to your child every night before bed?

If not, we encourage you to keep reading, because there are some great benefits your child should not have to miss. Because we know how important reading is, we make it part of our daily curriculum here at Little Newtons. Learn more when you contact us. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more great benefits of reading to your child: Reasons To Be Reading To Your Child Everyday.

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