Solutions for Your Toddler’s Stress – Part 2

Solutions for Your Toddler’s Stress – Part 2

sad-kidIn our last blog post, we got started talking about a few of the reasons that young children experience stress. While we would rather there not be plenty more reasons that your child could wind up stressed at a young age, there are unfortunately more reasons that children undergo this stress. At Little Newtons, we do our absolute best to provide the best experience and exposure for your children so that they’re able to develop to the best of their abilities. In posting about these stressful factors, we hope to help you recognize when your child is under stress so that you can act accordingly before it becomes a bigger issue.

Changes at Home

Big changes become stressful for anyone, but when something is off in the only stable environment that children have, they’re aware of it. Whether it is something like a divorce, a big move that’s about to happen, a new birth or some other form of high anxiety experience in the household, your children can pick up on this energy. There isn’t any great way to avoid this stress from happening, especially since it’s difficult for adults to contain the stress they undergo. However, rather than let your child be exposed to it, do your best to discuss these stressful matters in private quarters where your child won’t ever have to pick up on something being wrong or out of the ordinary. It also helps to disclose that there may be a stressful environment at home to your child’s daycare teacher, just so that we can be aware and make note of any change in behavior that we see in the classroom.

Too Busy for Their Own Good

While our little ones aren’t walking around with a planner and a Blackberry, they are definitely still held to a schedule. Aside from the time spent at daycare, plenty of children are also spending their time participating in sporting events, attending religious services and still spending time with the family. When a child is too busy, they can become quickly irritated and can carry this mood into their everyday life. Sometimes the simple change in a schedule can be enough to create aggravation in a child’s life. Make sure to be conscious of your child’s tiredness levels and how easily they are sleeping at night. We can also keep an eye out on their napping and do our best to play a part in the rest that they’re getting.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Little Newtons is dedicated to providing your child with the best experience that they can possibly have at this age. We’re able to do that through our challenging curriculum and the environment that we create for them at our daycare. Make sure to check our blog out on a regular basis so that we can continue to provide you with helpful information and guidance on what your child is experiencing at this age. We can’t wait to see what your child can become after they settling into our daycare center.

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