The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 1

The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 1

daycare5In our last blog post we briefly went over how beneficial packing a bag for daycare can be. From the times that your child has an accident and needs a new pair of clothes to the times that they’re upset crying and asking for their favorite stuffed bear, packing a bag allows us to be the best possible care providers for your child, simply by being prepared. If you are dropping your kiddo off at daycare, these are a few of things to include in your bag, regardless of their age.


This is one of the things that parents always remember to pack, but won’t always pack enough of. Diapers are an essential to the comfort of your child, and if while we are often able to improvise in the instance that your child doesn’t have enough, it doesn’t help us to be under prepared for an accident or too many dirty diapers. We suggest anywhere between 8 to 10 diapers for a full day at daycare. It doesn’t hurt to pack a few extra.

Extra Clothes

Let’s face it, as adults we still have accidents where our shirts end up with lunch or coffee displayed on them, so can you imagine what the life of a baby is like? We suggest bringing at least two or three extra outfits each week just in case. If your child does have an accident, it helps to bring an extra pair of clothes to replace that set. Many parents are accustomed to bringing one set of extra clothes each day their child goes to daycare, but there are definitely days where more than one spare pair of clothes is used, so keeping 3 sets with us is never a bad idea.

These two crucial components of your daycare bag will definitely make our life easier, but there is so much more that you can help us out with. Check back in a couple of days to see what other essential items you should be packing in your child’s daycare bag.

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