The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 2

The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 2

blankeyWelcome back to the Little Newton’s blog post! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you know that our current topic of discussion is properly packing a daycare bag! In our last blog post we covered the ideal amount of diapers to pack for a day at daycare, as well as why a few extra pairs of clothes can make all the difference.

Today, we are going to cover two more essentials to every daycare bag as well as why we believe them to be an absolute must for your child to have access to while at daycare.

Blanket or Teddy

When babies have a tough time falling asleep at night, we comfort them by giving them a blankie or a teddy bear. Once this bond is made, it’s pretty hard to break. When your child comes to daycare, it only makes sense that they have access to the teddy or blanket that provides them with comfort. Being able to find that comfort in the classroom keeps your child from getting fussy and allows for them to develop a routine, which is one of the primary necessities as a child grows and continues on in daycare. Whether it be a teddy, a blanket, or both, we do strongly suggest at least bringing one item that your child consoles for comfort so that nap times run smoother.

Bibs or Burping Towels

Every good meal ends with a burp, and if it doesn’t, it ends with a bigger mess. We love those tiny little burps, but it definitely saves a mess when we’re able to tuck a nice bib in during the meal and use one of your burping towels immediately after. When you pack burping towels, consider how long your child is going to be at daycare. We suggest packing one for each meal, simply in case their little burps call for a bigger mess.

We aren’t done yet. There are a few more essentials to double check for. We’ll be back in the next couple of days to dive into yet another two items that we love to see in the bags of our daycare students. See you next time!

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