The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 3

The Perfectly Packed Bag For Daycare – Part 3

daycare6Hello again! Welcome to the final part of this blog series. If you’ve followed thus far, you’ve learned about why packing diapers, bibs, burping towels, blankets and extra clothes are so important for every kiddo that is headed to daycare. While it may seem that we’ve covered it all, there are two more items that will always be helpful for your child in daycare. Without further ado, here are the last two items that you should be packing into your child’s daycare bag.


One of the absolute must haves for your little one at daycare is a bottle. Just as with diapers and the other essentials, bottles should be packed based on the amount of time that your child will be in daycare. If they are planning on being there for a full day, you need to make sure that you have enough, if not a little bit extra, milk or formula to keep your baby content through the day. A hungry baby is never a happy baby, so this is another instance where it is much better to over prepare than to under prepare.

Sheets or Blankets

Nap time is a staple in the daycare routine. We’re able to provide your baby with the supplies they need to get a good nap in, but we do ask that you bring in a sheet for us to put on top of the mat or inside of the crib. This makes it easier to wash sheets and keep them from getting mixed up within a daycare. It also provides a sense of comfort to your little one, making it easier for them to get comfortable for a nap. Always consider the material that you’re bringing in and how it relates to the season; fleece will always be a better match for the cooler seasons while like materials are great for summer.

We have finally completed the list of essentials for your daycare bag. Each of these items truly will make a difference for your little one while they stay with us. Be it a half or a full day, coming in prepared will make a difference in the way that they adapt and the way that they act when they go home with you. For any further questions about any of these essentials or any questions regarding other supplies you think may be suitable to bring to daycare, call the Little Newton office. We are the leading daycare in Plymouth and would be more than happy to help you along this new journey!

That’s it for today, check back frequently to see what other topics we cover here!

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