I love to read!

I love to read!

February is “I love to read” month.  There are so many opportunities to celebrate this month.  Whether it is a challenge on how many books you can read in your family to starting a “Family Literacy Night” where you focus on letter sounds, or sentence structure, parts of a book, etc.

Learning to read is not the same as learning to count. The English language has so many different rules on how letter combinations are put together to make words.  At Little Newtons we do many different things to build the foundation of reading. From our little ones learning letter sounds to our Preschoolers learning short/long vowel sounds.  We also introduce words to them from Country names to Colors–its all about exposure.  Speaking of exposure, great opportunity to the “why” of what we do.  We expose children to all sorts of knowledge; from Chemical Elements to Different species of fish. We don’t expect they will memorize or remember each species or element, but by exposing them daily to different languages and knowledge it builds their brain capacity as well as their vocabulary.

I sat down with WCCO this morning to discuss the different ways we teach children how to read, below is the link to the interview.


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