Plymouth Expansion

Plymouth Expansion

We are so excited to be adding on to our Plymouth location.  We had our ground breaking last week and the building should be completed the first week of September.  The reason for the expansion has been because we are cramped in our current space.  We haven’t had a lot of flexibility in our classrooms.  Our program has done well with “working with what we have.”  The expansion will bring new classrooms, an updated heating/air conditioning system, much more parking, and allow for updates within our current classrooms.  We will be getting new carpet in the south wing (currently infants and toddlers).  The new wing will be designed mainly for infants and toddler, so we will shift those classrooms to that wing.

There will be another large muscle room in the new wing so our youngest children don’t have to walk so far to the gym.  We will be making a new parking lot back by that wing for our staff to park in–which will open up our current parking for our parents.  Over the next few weeks, we will be taking down the upper playground set and replacing that with a new one (last year we replaced the toddler structures).

While construction is underway, we are trying our best to minimize the issue of parking, road closures, extra traffic and look forward to the completion of the building.  We will continue to update parents on the progress.

Have a wonderful summer!


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