Enjoying National Read A Book Day

Enjoying National Read A Book Day

reading2We live in a world where National Hot Dog Day and National Saxophone day are mentioned on a calendar, what a time to be alive. While some of the holidays that are recognized nationally are absolutely ridiculous, there are plenty of great ones that we can take advantage of. Today, for instance, is National Read a Book Day. As a preschool facility that loves providing a challenging curriculum to our group of students, we figured this is a fun holiday that could be celebrated both at home and in the classroom. Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of this holiday in your home!

Make a Visit To The Library

A love for the library is something that is often sprouted from a young age, so making a visit to the library today is a great way to spark that love for reading and the library as a whole, in your child. Showing them the variety of stories that they have to choose from, getting them to participate in a reading program or working with a librarian to help develop a higher understanding of how a library works is a great way to not only find a book to enjoy on National Read a Book Day, but also a fantastic way to gain knowledge about what the library offers them.

Head Over To A Bookstore

While there aren’t very many well known bookstores around town, they are certainly there. Google local bookstores in Champlin and find one that you can visit with your little one to pick out a new book. There are also plenty of used bookstores where you can get books at a ridiculously affordable price. This is another great way to experience a wide variety of books while also introducing them to a new venue to experience literary works through.

A Bedtime Story

If bedtime stories aren’t something that you do on a regular basis, this is a great day to enjoy one. Let your little one pick out a book of their choice and read it to them as they fall asleep. This is a great way for children to listen to what words sound like and gain an idea of how to start formulating words and sentences to create an overall meaning.

At Little Newtons, we value the curriculum that we’ve created for our daycare and preschool students, and we definitely find value on these lessons carrying on over to home life. We can’t wait to hear about the stories that your children love listening to. Check back soon for more exciting news, unique holidays and information from the team here at Little Newtons in Champlin.

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