Lessons We Learn Through Songs – Part 2

Lessons We Learn Through Songs – Part 2

dance3In our last blog post we touched on a few songs that we love to use in our lesson plans. These songs are not only loaded with tidbits of information that your child will hold onto for the rest of their life, but they are also catchy and fun to learn. Here are two more songs that we love to practice in our class and why what they teach is so incredibly important for your child to know.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Similar to being unable to pinpoint exactly when we learned sounds animals make, very few of us can remember exactly what age we learned to tell the difference between our body parts. This song is likely the way that we were taught when we were younger, and the good news is that it hasn’t gone anywhere. This song allows for children to physically find these body parts on themselves which makes it easier to hold onto this knowledge as they grow. This song is  a fun and easy one to practice at home too! Following this song with questions similar to “show me where your nose is” are a great way to ensure that this knowledge only continues to solidify.

The Wheels On The Bus

This song tends to be forgotten when it comes to lesson plans and songs that teach necessary skills. While your toddler probably won’t be driving buses any time soon, this song is a great way to teach your kids direction. You can count on them learning the difference between, up, down, and side to side. This song is usually accompanied with a dance that replicates the movements as they are sang, so that children can grasp onto the actual shift in motion.

At Little Newton, we want your child to develop skills that are important and will stick with them as they age. Use some of these fun songs at home and you’ll see that your child’s understanding of these concepts enhances the more you sing.

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