Lessons We Learn Through Songs

Lessons We Learn Through Songs

dance2It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that we learned what each of our body parts are, or when exactly we learned what sound a chicken makes. Thinking back, most of us are unlikely able to pinpoint these lessons to a day, time or even an age, but we all most likely remember the words to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. At Little Newton’s daycare and preschool, we love incorporating lesson into fun and exciting techniques that children are sure to enjoy and are more likely to remember. Here are a few fun songs that you can sing with your child to help them develop a sense of understanding for different areas.

The A, B, C’s

It goes without saying how beneficial this song can be. The alphabet is something we will carry for our lifetime, so of course it’s something we want our children to learn. The song, while fun, is a little bit more complex, so while you may be singing it to your little one, it’s going to be much harder for them to grasp. We suggest waiting till they’re a little older just so that they don’t retain the incorrect memories and are able to transition into a development of understanding the alphabet, shortly after learning the song.

Old McDonald Had A Farm

We didn’t all grow up the same way as Old McDonald, but we sure do know all of his animals and all the sounds they make. The thanks for that can go directly to this catchy, and adorable song. Often incorporated with images to fulfill the visual component of the learning development, we play this song quite a bit to help develop a general understanding of animals and the sounds they make.

We’ve got a few more songs that are fantastic for lesson plans in and outside of the classroom. Check back soon to see what other choruses you can include on your day to day routine with your little one.

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