Benefits That Your Child Will See Through Learning Music

Benefits That Your Child Will See Through Learning Music

music lessonAt Little Newtons, we pride ourselves on the curriculum that we’ve worked hard to perfect. From the age groupings that we’ve outlined to the different lesson plans, we truly have taken a good chunk of time and dedicated it to discovering various methods to ensure that we are providing your child with only the highest standard of education. One of the classes that we are always so excited for are the music ones. Not only are these classes a great time, but they provide quite a bit of growth in children of this age. As one of the curriculums that is less and less common, we felt it necessary to break down just how great it is that your child is able to participate in these lessons here at Little Newtons in Maple Grove

Cultivates Creativity

Music is one of the studies that supports and cultivates a creative mind. Whether that mind and passion stay in music, or transform into a passion for writing, drawing or dancing, the introduction to music education at a young age promotes a creative mind. While you may be wondering what a child truly benefits from a creative mind, as opposed to individuals with stronger mathematical and science skills, it’s pretty clear cut. Being able to expand one’s mind to different concepts, styles, sounds, colors and movements opens a mind to more complex ideas down the road.

Enhances Focus With Other Subjects

Musical classes challenge focus throughout the class. While it is a fun and exciting class to be a part of, music requires quite a bit of focus to stay on beat and to keep up with where the other instruments are. Playing in a group is also a great method for immersing children into the concept of teamwork; the sound is only achieved through the collaboration of a group. These skills transfer into other classes and situations, making this one of the best ways to develop some more serious skills.

These are only two of the reasons that we find music to be an essential part of our preschool curriculum for our Maple Grove preschool curriculum. Your child will develop some amazing talents, skills and passions when they develop their musical skills in daycare.

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