Creating An End of The Day Routine

Creating An End of The Day Routine

endofAt the end of a long day at preschool there are so many things to be shared. From the fun lesson plan covered to the games played outside, it’s extremely exciting for a little one to be able to share the various things that they experienced during their day at preschool. We know how great it is for you to be reunited with them too, especially after a long day of work. If you are entirely aware of how much this moment ought to be treasured, then you will love some of these ideas that we suggest compiling into an end of the day routine with your little one.

Gather Up All Of Their Stuff Before You Leave

This is a tip that nearly every parent has said makes the end of the day a smooth one. Some of our parents suggest gathering stuff up and then providing the child with a 5 minute warning so that there is some sort of expectation as to when leaving is actually going to happen. As the preschool teachers, we do see that this makes for an easy exit from preschool, even though it may be hard the first couple of times. This is also a great way to help your child develop a concept of time.

Create A Transition

One of the concerns that most parents have, some even experienced, is their children having a difficult time transitioning from preschool to home. Whether it be the rules, the social expectations or the way they carry themselves, these settings are different, and it’s hard for a child to understand why. A method that we’ve seen ease the difficulty of transitioning is talking about what happened at school on the way home. Once you’re anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes away from the house, start to tie the conversation to an end and bring up what’s going to happen when you get home. Is it going to be bath time? Will you sit down for dinner? Setting an expectation of what’s going to happen once home will help keep a steady plan outlined.

Leaving daycare will also be difficult the first couple of weeks, at times months, but will definitely get easier. If you are struggling with any issues in particular, talk with a member of our administrative department;  we would be more than happy to look into some suggestions for the issue.

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