Questions To Ask Before You Commit To A Preschool

Questions To Ask Before You Commit To A Preschool

preschool2For some strange reason, daycares and preschools don’t get the credit they deserve when it comes to education. Parents spend plenty of time scoping out elementary, middle and high schools, but spend very little time looking into daycares or preschools. Maybe it’s the concept that time should only be spent on the phases of education where kids will be strongly influenced; but if we’re being honest, the influence of education has already begun at the age that your child attends daycare and preschool. So in that case, isn’t it just as important that you scope out what daycare your child is going to go to?

At Little Newton in Maple Grove, we believe that it’s entirely necessary that you ask some in depth questions to ensure that you know what you’re signing up for and that you’ve truly picked the daycare, or preschool, that is going to be the very best for your child. Here are some questions that we suggest asking as you browse around daycares.

What will my child be doing all day?

Every daycare and preschool will provide different activities or lessons for your child to participate in, the real question lies in what those include. At Little Newton, we create a curriculum that allows for your child to start developing skills at a young age, so that as they grow and progress with their education, they’re ahead of the game. Without asking this, your child may be passing up an opportunity like this to simply play with other kids and knock out a few coloring sheets a day. Which we definitely support, but fun activities like this are paired with a curriculum that provides your child with skills.

How many kids are there per class?

Volume is something that needs to be considered in every classroom, regardless of age. Making sure that your child is going to get ample amount of attention whether in learning or in basic care, is a must. At Little Newton, we keep our class sizes at reasonable numbers so that our team of professionals is always able and ready to assist. Call our office today to see specifically what each class is currently sitting at.

There are plenty of other great questions that you ought to be asking before committing to a preschool, and those questions will be covered in the next couple of blog posts. Make sure that you continue to visit our blog frequently, but that’s all for now!

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