Champlin Mn Daycare Center

Welcome to Little Newtons Champlin!  Our program teaches Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Math, Science, Reading, Yoga and a Special Subject (can be anything from States to Presidents).  Children have a very busy fun filled day!  Our Director is Brianna. Brianna can be reached at

Infants: $310/week

Toddlers: $258/Week

Preschool: $231/week

Our rates are for Full Time Enrollment.

At Little Newtons, Champlin Mn Daycare Center we offer Preschool, Toddler and Infant care. Our specially designed learning curriculum offers rich learning environment to prepare each and every child enrolled in our center via continuous learning. Our outstanding staff is passionate, seasoned and knowledgeable to meet all child’s need.

Furthermore, our rooms are well equipped with activities that assist us to deliver comfort to babies that they deserve. Our highly efficient staff like to be in contact with parents of kids, so that they can have a regular update of events, important reminders regarding your child. We have a real time app that allows parents to get notifications on what their children are doing during the day. Schedule a visit to our Champlin MN Center, and we are also looking forward to meeting you soon.