Forgot Father’s Day? Five Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make Right Now!

Forgot Father’s Day? Five Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make Right Now!

In case you missed it – Father’s Day is Sunday! No gift? No worries! I have five last-minute ideas that will save Father’s Day:

Art From the HeartFD-green-border You can make any homemade artwork look a little fancier with a special border – click here to print one out. For the little ones, you can make handprint or footprint designs. Bigger kids can draw whatever they like! (Hint: Print on thicker paper or glue onto construction paper if you’re using paint.)




Popsicle Stick Art FD-sticks This is quick and easy, especially if you have some popsicle sticks lying around the house. We came up with adjectives for DADDY and GRANDPA, but there are so many options! Kids could make a list of what they love about Daddy, or anything they think of! A little hot glue and some ribbon and Dad has a door hanger or a keepsake for his wall.



LN-FD-cupPen or Pencil Holder Another great idea with those popsicle sticks is a pen or pencil holder. Again, some popsicle sticks, hot glue and markers are just about all you need. You can make the bottom out of popsicle sticks or use a sponge. Dad will love seeing it on his desk and remembering how much he is loved!




FD-about-dadDad Mad Libs Kids say the cutest things! Download and print out this sheet and let kids fill in the blanks. (The younger kids can come up with their own answers, but may need some help writing it down.) This is a fun one to do year after year to see how their answers change.




FD-remoteRemote Control Privileges Let’s face it – what Dad wants the most is to control the remote control! You can make your own tag or print this one out. Add a little snack or treat and you’ve got a gift Dad is sure to love.

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