Happy Guilt-Free Mother’s Day

Happy Guilt-Free Mother’s Day


I’ve heard so much about “mom guilt” recently. Moms feel guilty for just about everything – not spending enough time with their kids, spending too much time with their kids, too much screen time, too much sugar, not enough fruits and veggies. It’s enough to send a new mom into a tailspin!

Why do we feel so much guilt?

The media: We see perfect moms on TV every day; how can we ever be like them? The stay at home moms spend all day taking care of the kids, making healthy snacks, keeping the house spotless and being the perfect wife. The working moms head off to jobs that they love and still have time to cook a perfect dinner and spend time with girlfriends. Don’t lose sight of the fact that these women are fictional. SuperMom is as real as SuperMan.

Our social circles: So-and-so breastfeeds, but so-and-so uses formula. This mom only buys organic snacks, while this mom lets her kids eat (gasp!) high fructose corn syrup. We feel like other moms are watching us and judging us on our every choice. But guess what – many aren’t. They’re struggling with their own issues and their own mom guilt, just like we are.

Ourselves. I’m here to tell you – most of the guilt comes from within ourselves. We feel like we have to measure up to some unattainable standard. Every decision we make feels like it’s the wrong one, and it could scar our kids for their whole lives. But it won’t. Kids will be ok, even if they have a second serving of ice cream or watch “too much TV” one afternoon.

So, this Mother’s Day, whether you choose to spend the day surrounded by family or all by yourself, I want every mom out there to enjoy her day guilt-free. Stop wondering and worrying whether you’re doing a good job. Trust yourself and your choices. If your children go to bed each night with the security of your love, then you’re doing a great job.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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