When it comes to motherhood, being strong isn’t enough. It takes a special breed of person to deal with motherhood’s toughest challenges; you need to be MomStrong.*

How do you know if you’re MomStrong? If any of the examples below sound familiar, you’ve earned your badge.

Someone who’s strong can bench press their own weight.

Someone who’s MomStrong builds muscle by carrying groceries, making dinner and clearing the table with one hand because the other is busy holding a baby.

It takes someone strong to run a marathon.

It takes someone MomStrong to cover every inch of the State Fair while carrying a squirming, wiggling, 45 pound toddler.

You’re strong if you can stomach a gory movie.

You’re MomStrong if you can watch “Frozen” 46 times in one week and sing every word of “Let it Go” every time.

The strong don’t cry when they’re hurt.

The MomStrong push down their gag reflex while cleaning and bandaging the nastiest wounds on their kids.

Remember how strong you had to be to pull an all-nighter studying in college?

It’s nothing compared to being MomStrong and going 6 years without an uninterrupted night of sleep.

If you’re strong, you can watch the end of “Beaches” without crying.

But if you’re MomStrong, you can hold back the tears on your baby’s first day of daycare, kindergarten and college just long enough so they don’t see you lose it.

The MomStrong get up six times a night with an infant. They get up and stay up at 4:30am when their toddler won’t go back to bed. They have the patience to read the same book a dozen times in a row while making funny voices for each character. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Because, to their kids, they are the world.

So, the next time someone calls you strong for your motherhood feats, feel free to correct them. Tell them you’re MomStrong.

(*I’m not trying to exclude dads, who play a huge part in their children’s lives. Feel free to insert DadStrong anywhere it applies.)

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