Pre-Kindergarten Reading List

Pre-Kindergarten Reading List


Kindergarten is a big step! It can be a little frightening and overwhelming for young kids. There are several great books that can help ease the transition. With school starting soon for most Minnesota families, I’ve put together a pre-kindergarten reading list:

Froggy Goes to School Froggy Goes to School does a nice job of laying out a new school routine kids can relate to: riding the school bus, sitting at a desk, circle time and, of course, recess. Froggy has a little trouble adjusting to his new school, but it’s all in good fun. The Froggy series is fun to read; kids love the fun sound effects and finding out what situation Froggy gets himself into that turns him more red in the face than green.

The Night Before Kindergarten The Night Before series is written in the same format as The Night Before Christmas, with a similar cadence and rhymes. Kids really get into the poem and they’re quick to memorize it. The book addresses some of the biggest changes when going to kindergarten: saying goodbye to Mom and Dad and no naps!

My New Teacher and Me You get just what you’d expect in a book authored by Al Yankovic – yes, Weird Al. In this book, Billy, the child with a wild imagination, meets his new teacher, the strict, rule-following Mr. Booth. This book stretches kids’ imaginations with wild tales and exciting adventures. Spoiler alert: Billy and Mr. Booth reach an understanding for a happy ending.

The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School Fact One: We are smart! Fact Two: We can get it! Fact Three: We Belong! Fact Four: We Won’t forget it! The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School is very encouraging for kids heading off to school. This is the tale of Mr. Fish, who got lost and ended up in the wrong classroom. But once he finds the right room, he fits right in and enjoys learning. This is an easy read, so it may not be long before kindergartners are reading it by themselves!

The Kissing Hand Warning: Even the toughest parents have shed a tear or two while reading The Kissing Hand with their kiddos. In the story, Chester Raccoon is sad to leave his mother, so she tells him the secret of the kissing hand and that her love will stay with him all day long. This is a must-read for kids (and parents) who are struggling with their upcoming separation.

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