The Latest Trend in Mom Shaming – “Brexting”

The Latest Trend in Mom Shaming – “Brexting”

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Parent shaming comes in all forms, at all stages, covering all topics. It starts during pregnancy – (mostly) well-intentioned family members, friends, even strangers, feel the need to comment on everything from what a pregnant woman eats and drinks, to how much she weighs. And there’s no winning – an expecting mother either puts on too much pregnancy weight or not enough.

Once the baby is born, parent shamers can have a field day! They pass judgement over feeding schedules, sleep training methods, tummy time, screen time, working moms, stay-at-home moms, and the list goes on. Now, there’s a new fad in mom shaming – “brexting.”

“Brexting” is when a mom uses her smartphone while breastfeeding. Some experts say moms are losing out on bonding time with their kids because of it. Other experts say it’s all about balance. Breastfeeding can take a long time, and if moms want a few minutes to relax, it’s okay.

Here’s the other thing – breastfeeding takes place all hours of the day and night. A 3am breastfeeding session can be lonely, and checking email or perusing Facebook can help a new mom feel connected to the outside world. Not to mention, a mom’s phone may be the only thing keeping her awake in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning.

So, moms – shed the guilt of “brexting.” Breastfeeding is a long and lonely road. You’re doing a great thing by providing milk to your growing baby. If you want to watch TV, read a book or even (gasp) play a game on your phone, there’s no shame!

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