What I Wish I Knew Before Having a Baby

What I Wish I Knew Before Having a Baby

Pregnancy: The time in your life when friends, family and strangers feel the need to offer unsolicited advice. But what they say isn’t always what they mean…


What they tell you: Prepare for sleepless nights What it really means: Your bed will be as elusive as a 90 degree day in January. You will learn to survive on quick naps anytime, anywhere. 15 minutes in a rocking chair will power you through the next 24 hours. People will ask, “How do you do it?” And your answer will be, “Because I don’t have a choice.”

What they tell you: Babies like to be held. What it really means: You will become a master at doing things one-handed. Cooking, cleaning, typing, even bathroom trips, can all be done with a baby in one arm. Get used to it. You’ll get your left arm back in four years. Consider this muscle-building and a reason to skip the gym guilt-free.

What they tell you: You won’t go out as much. What it really means: Netflix, Hulu and/or your DVR will become your best friend. You will get caught up on every reality show, soap opera or crime scene drama – whatever is your choice. “Going out” now means Target runs and grocery store trips. And trust me, you’ll look forward to getting away!

What they tell you: It goes by quickly. What it really means:  Your days and nights will become a strange blur of time. There will be minutes that feel like years, and hours that seem to pass by in seconds. You will stop trusting your clock and your calendar because there’s just no way they can be correct. But they are, so do your best to savor every moment you can. Kids grow up fast – you won’t know when you’re changing your last diaper, kissing your last boo-boo or singing your last lullaby until it’s too late.

What they tell you: It’s worth it. What they really mean: It’s completely worth it. Every sleep-deprived moment.


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